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Patient guide



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Patient guide




We are a private medical practice offering access to polish speaking Specialists for an advice and treatment of a wide variety of medical problems. We work mainly with Polish Doctors with a Specialist qualification who are fully registered in the UK with the GMC (General Medical Council), GDC (General Dental Council) and/or HPC (Health Professions Council). All of them are fully insured. We currently offer the following Specialist consultations:


Dermatologist                                                           Gynaecologist                                                Paediatrician                                                  

ENT Surgeon (laryngology)                                     General Practitioner                                     Orthodontist                                      

Psychiatrist                                                               Cardiologist                                                    Orthopaedist                                                             

Neurologist                                                               Dietician                                                         Dentist                                                               




We also offer the following diagnostics:


EKG                                                                Holter monitor           

Nasendoscopy                                               USG (gynaecological, paediatric, general)

HyCoSy                                                          4D USG                                              

Cervical smear test                                       Spirometry     

Body composition analysis


Additional services:

Administration fee for issuing a letter - £20     





You can book an appointment by calling us from Monday to Friday between 8:00-20:00, Saturday 8:00-15:00 and Sunday 11:00-16:00 on our mobile number.                                                                                                                                  

To register in our practice please complete the supplied registration form. We can send a summary of your consultation to your GP. Please tick the indicated box and sign if you wish this to be done. We can also supply you with a summary for future reference. We will keep all details confidentially and information will only be released with your written consent.



Consultation times:

Consultation times vary depending on the specialty and the nature of your problem. We will ensure that you have adequate time to discuss your problem, diagnosis and treatment. In case of complex or multiple problems you may be asked to book a further appointment if it is clear that more time will be required. 



Courtesy title:

We will address you by the name given on your registration form. 




During registration it is possible to make an appointment with a preferred doctor; please mention any specific requests at the time of booking. On our website you can find professional profiles of all doctors currently working in our practice (  




It is our policy to respect the privacy and dignity of our patients.

All rooms used for consultations ensure high level of privacy. If at reception you wish to discuss anything in a more confidential environment, please mention this to the receptionist.

Your Medical Records will be kept in locked cabinets and will only be accessible by authorised staff. They will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission. You have the right to view them at any time or have copies issued by requesting this in writing and providing proof of identification. 




In both our surgeries in London and Coventry we have rooms adapted for medical consultations. Each of them is equipped with the necessary medical and diagnostic equipment. Consulting rooms provide the necessary privacy in order to prepare for examination.                                                                                                    

Premises meet the HSE standards (Health and Safety), and Fire & Safety standards (fire safety).

All rooms are cleaned daily, according to the required standards and in all of them the antibacterial gel hand sanitizers are available.




If you would like a chaperone to be present during a physical examination we can provide one of our staff or you can ask your friend/relative to be present if you wish. 



Home visits:                                     

We do not offer home visits for our patients.



Serious problems:

If you need further diagnostics or surgery, at your request we can send a letter to the GP (or pass it directly to you) with indications for further management.




The surgery does not store any medication. During the visit, if necessary, the appropriate prescription will be issued. We do not issue prescriptions without prior examination / consultation with a doctor, even for medicines that you have received previously in another clinic. In order to issue a repeat prescription for previously prescribed medication, at the request of the patient we can send a letter to the GP (or pass it directly to the patient), which confirms the recommendation of the type of medical treatment and prescription required.




We do not offer any service outside our advertised business hours. If you have an urgent medical problem please contact the 111 NHS service or in life-threatening cases call 999. You can also visit Out of Hours GP service or go to A&E.                                                                                                                                                        

We have resuscitation equipment on site and there is always a member of staff trained in life support and resuscitation. However we have no facilities to deal with seriously acutely ill patients and you should contact the emergency services or go to your local A&E.

If you need to contact your doctor urgently about your treatment, it’s possible through our reception.



Surgical procedures:

Our surgeries offer both medical consultations and diagnostic tests. However we do not carry out any surgical procedures. If a patient requires surgery, he will be informed about available options.



If you have any suggestions or comments about our services, staff or this patient guide, please give them in writing. Ask the receptionist for a Comment form. If you have any complaints please raise them as soon as possible with the manager or senior staff member on duty. Most problems are due to misunderstandings and can be resolved rapidly. If you are not satisfied with a verbal answer, please ask for a Complaint form. This explains the formal complaints procedure and how to complain in writing.



Patient survey:

As part of the Care Quality Commission regulatory requirements and to maintain the high quality of care, you may be asked to complete a questionnaire. The results of this and previous years’ surveys are available on our website All data you supply and comments you make are anonymous to maintain confidentiality.



 Disabled access:

Our premises offer limited access for disabled patients. If you wish to make an appointment with us please let receptionist know of your condition so that we can advise you on our access. In case that our premises are unsuitable for you, we will recommend an alternative private clinic, which has access for disabled patients.



Patient guide:

The Patient guide is regularly updated and aims to be as helpful and accurate as possible. If you notice any errors or omissions please bring it to the attention of the receptionist.