Aesthetic Medicine

We ae pleased to offer you the latest achievements of aesthetic medicine – non-surgical rejuvenating, anti-aging treatments.

All treatments are performed by our Dentist, Dr Kalina Jacyna.

Prior to each treatment you are offered a consultation.






3D Lips augmentation and modelling (under a local, dental anesthesia – free of charge)


Available filler solutions:


1. Kiss Teosyal   £ 210

    Product of Switzerland

    25 mg of hyaluronic acid/1 ml


2. Princess Volume  £ 200

    Product of Austria

    23 mg of hyaluronic acid/1 ml


3. Neauvia Organic Intense Lips  £ 220

    Product of Italy

    24 mg of hyaluronic acid/1 ml



Face modelling and volumetric reshaping, wrinkles reduction with dermal filler

- for facial lines and wrinkles


1. Princess Volume £ 200

   Product of Austria

   23 mg of hyaluronic acid/1 ml




Face, neck and cleavage rejuvenation.


1. Dermaheal £ 130

    Product of South Korea

    1% of hyaluronic acid/5 ml

    also: minerals, enzymes and vitamins


2. Vampire facelift £ 160

   after patient’s blood collection

   Regardless of the area, until the collected plasma is used


3. Hair+ hair regeneration solution  £ 150

    Product of Italy


4. Light Eyes under eye solution      £ 150

    Product of Italy

    Contains Vit.C and antioxidants

    Under eye shadows reduction






1. Original botox by Allergan  £ 190

    Product of Ireland

    Regardless of the number of areas (forehead, crows feet, frown lines)


2. Severe underarm sweating £ 260


3. Severe hands sweating £ 260


4. Bruxism treatment £ 300







One thread  £ 25

Regardless of the area, support for sagging skin

Product of South Korea