Dr Maria Malewska-Fortuna


Dr. Maria Malewska –Fortuna is a General Internal Medicine Specialist, member of the Regional Medical Chamber in Lodz, Poland, registered in the General Medical Council, UK. Available at the Coventry Surgery.

Dr. Malewska-Fortuna graduated from the Medical Academy in Lodz, Poland. She completed her specialty training in 1997 at the Military Medical Academy in Lodz, Poland. She has been working mostly in outpatient departments. Her over 25 year professional experience includes: primary care and cardiology outpatient department (where she conducted cardiovascular function tests – exercise tolerance test and Holter test) as well as in health promotion outpatient department (where she ran prevention programs for chronic lifestyle diseases). Thanks to participation in various trainings and courses she constantly develops her qualifications.

Scope of treatment

  • Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal tract infections
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, ischemic heart disease, circulatory failure)
  • ECG
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases (abdominal pain, stomach ulcers, diarrhoea, chronic constipation)
  • Chronic diseases’ treatment (e.g. diabetes)
  • Post hospitalisation care
  • Atherosclerosis prevention
  • Prescriptions and certificates
  • Influenza and hepatitis vaccinations
  • Ultrasound diagnostics (abdomen, thyroid) using Voluson S6SonoAce R7 and Vivid S5

Price list

  • Skype consultation - £60
  • Consultation - £80
  • Consultation with abdominal ultrasound scan - £150
  • Consultation with thyroid ultrasound scan - £150
  • Consultation + ECG - £110
  • Follow-up consultation (within 10 days, irrespective of the treatment length) - £50
  • Medical report / form - od £50
  • Repeat prescription (without consultation - at doctor's discretion) - £40