Dr Kazimierz Dabek, PhD


Dr Dabek began his professional career in 1980 in the Obstetric and Woman’s Health Institute in Lublin, Poland, where he completed his training and gained a PhD title. 

In 1990 he went to Africa. For the first two years he worked in two hospitals in Northern Zambia as a Gynaecology and Obstetrics consultant, then moved to Botswana, where he worked as a specialist in Marina Referral Hospital in   Gabron. Also in Gabron, as a Team Leader of “Safemotherhood” (a programme sponsored by UNICEF), he trained doctors and nurses in perinatal complications.

In 1996 he returned to Poland. He worked for the family medicine department at Medical Academy in Lublin as well as for the Fertility Clinic. He also gained professional experience in Caithness General Hospital, Scotland and Blackpool Victoria Hospital, England. 

He lived in Spain between 2008 and 2012. He organised and managed the Surgical Gynaecology Department in La Real Fundaccion Hospital de la Reina in Ponferrada, the Province of Castilla Leon (which was founded in 1942 by Catholic kings to aid pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostela). 

Since January 2015 he has been working in UK hospitals.

He is a member of The Royal College and Collegio de Medicos de Espana.

Scope of treatment

Price list

  • Appointment - consultation, gynaecological examination and prescription - £100
  • Consultation with ultrasound scan - £140
  • Consultation with a 'Genetic ultrasound', NT scan (performed between 11th and 14th week of pregnancy) - £140
  • HPV test (plus consultation cost £100) - £50
  • HPV test and cytology (plus consultation cost £100) - £90
  • HP20 test (plus consultation cost £100) - £70
  • HPVT test (plus consultation cost £100) - £90
  • Gynaecological swabs and their prices -
  • Assessment of uterus shape and fallopian tubes patency using ExEmFoam - £300
  • Eligibility consultation* with IUD insertion (own IUD) - £200
  • Eligibility consultation* with non-hormonal IUD insertion - £220
  • * If the IUD insertion is not possible during consultation, you will only be charged £120 for an eligibility consultation -
  • IUCD removal with examination or ultrasound - £160
  • Cryotherapy of cervical erosion and genital warts - £320
  • Follow-up after cryotherapy (in one month) included in the procedure cost - £0
  • Repeat cryotherapy procedure in case of deep erosion - £160
  • Repeat prescription (without consultation - at doctor's discretion) - £40