Maciej Michalik, MBPsS


Maciej Michalik graduated with a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology from Coventry University in 2019. As a health psychologist his competencies bridge the gap between mental health and physical health. He completed training in Combined Therapy in 2021 that he currently implements in his work with clients. The Combined Therapy allows Mr Michalik to tailor his approach with clients by using various therapeutic methods, counselling and life coaching. Currently he is continuing his professional development by participating in a holistic course on Psycho-Transpersonal Therapy from the Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology led by a pioneer of Mindfulness Dav Panesar. He acquired his experience working in a private practice and a public hospital. 

British Psychological Society membership number: 508891

Scope of treatment

  • individual therapy for adults
  • couple therapy and learning the language of communication during crisis
  • coping with stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • trauma release and integration
  • development of consciousness through Mindfulness Meditation and Transpersonal Psychology techniques
  • shadow work – assimilation of repressed parts of personality
  • adaptation to new surroundings, separation from loved ones, understanding loneliness
  • building emotional intelligence and wisdom
  • positive psychology and the nature and understanding of pleasure and suffering

The therapy is focused on addressing inner conflicts by talking through mental, emotional, physical, behavioural and transpersonal difficulties that clients experience. Finding a new perspective, frame of mind, patterns of behaviour and solidifying them as habits will improve clients’ wellbeing.

Price list

  • Skype consultation (up to 50 min) - £50
  • Individual therapy (90 min.) - £90
  • Couples/ family consultation (50 min.) - £60
  • Individual therapy (50 min.) - £55
  • Couples/ family consultation (90 min.) - £90
  • 4 individual consultations (50 min. each) - £200
  • 4 consultations for a couple/family (50 min. each) - £220