Key words: Gynaecology

3D/4D Ultrasound, Voluson Expert

Voluson 730 EXPERT BT08 is the most technologically advanced 4D ultrasound on the market. The system allows exploring 3D/4D imaging and applying sophisticated analytical tools to answer any clinical questions. It is used by the greatest diagnostic centres throughout the world. It was primarily designed for a high quality prenatal, obstetrical, gynaecological, neonatal and radiological diagnostic as well as for foetal echo scan. Very high imaging resolution is achieved with the quad beamformer with over 12.000 processing channels which puts this ultrasound on the top of the diagnostic equipment available on the market.

Voluson 730 uses unique 3D view in real time and image processing with multiplanar mode, volume rendering, surface mode, minimum transparency mode, maximum transparency mode, X-ray mode etc. It operates innovative ultrasound technique 4D real time imaging (up to 40 volumes per second) and Beta View (which allows moving a 2D scan plane by 90o without moving the probe. This feature is particularly useful in endocavity probes and provides access to normally inaccessible surfaces in 2D technique.     


  • ‘Glass body’ processing
    Badanie USG 4D
  • Harmonic imaging 
  • Colour Doppler mode, Power Doppler, Pulse Doppler PWD, HD-Flow mode
  • 3D imaging combined with Colour Doppler and Power Doppler
  • Volumetric images in real time up to 40 vol/s
  • B-FLOW technique – allows performing vascular examinations and foetal movements test. This technology differs from the traditional Colour Doppler technique by separating detection from speed and direction of blood flow. Furthermore B-FLOW technique does not disturb visualisation of vascular walls and surrounding tissues which is the case with the Colour Doppler technique.
  • Inversion mode – advanced function that allows turning the view of fluid-filled organs (such as: heart, large vessels, stomach, bladder) into the image representing their anatomic shape. 
  • VCI-C software – operating in 3D/4D mode, in real time or from frozen image. Imaging contrast is increased which allows fast estimation in 4D corpus callosum technique. 
  • Focus Frequency Compound technology with simultaneous transmission of different frequencies for every surface, which improves homogeneity of 2D scan.
  • Automatic Optimization – allows setting the imaging in B-mode and in PW-Doppler mode with automatic contours of spectrum and with setting up the flow parameters.
  • Coded Excitation technology of digitally encoded ultrasound clearly improves imaging of deeper tested areas by enhancing weak echo and suppressing artefact signals.
  • CRI (Compound Resolution Imaging) B-mode option which offers the ultimate image quality as yet. CRI increases contrast and resolution, enhances the organs borders and expands possibilities of tissue differentiation. This option is very useful in examination of structure located below a tissue which gives partial acoustic shadowing (such as: scars, nipple area, calcification, and fibrosis). CRI also supports vascular morphology assessment, enhancing blood vessels image.
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging – reduces characteristic dots in the image and enhances borders of tissues with a different ultrasound density and morphology. It is available in ‘on line’ imaging as well as in frozen and 3D images.
  • Build-in Sonoview II archives file which records demographic data, 2D images, cinematic loops, 3D and 4D images in a format allowing further processing.
  • Build-in CDRW and DVD drive.
  • Exporting data to USB pendrive.
  • Ergonomic adjustable console with high-resolution CRT screen to control the machine functions.
  • Build-in archives file with the review option and measurements.