ENT endoscopic examination

A modern ENT examination method performed under local anaesthetic (with a nasal spray) with flexible nasoendoscope for diagnosis of lesions inside nose, post nasal space, hypopharynx and larynx. It is particularly useful to exclude inflammation and malignant disease.

Flexible nasendoscope thanks to a modern lens system provides excellent visibility and clarity of examined areas. It is highly functional and flexible, with a thickness of 3.4mm which significantly increases patient’s comfort. The endoscope’s top is mobile and moves in two directions of 130 degrees. It is connected to a LED source of light via fibre optic.  

Endoscopic examination helps to diagnose the following ENT problems:

  • nasal obstruction (nasal polyps, allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, malignancies)
  • sinusitis
  • adenoid assessment, post nasal space malignancies, Eustachian tubes obstruction
  • voice and swallowing disorders (hoarse voice and reflux disease), foreign body sensation, vocal cord palsy, malignancies
  • hypopharynx and larynx soreness (to exclude laryngeal malignancy or inflammation)
  • neck lumps - to exclude primary lesion in hypopharynx and larynx. 

This is a minimal invasive examination and is available for adults and children over 12 years of age.


Łukasz Kulesa
ENT Surgeon



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