Hyaluronic acid joint injections with Crespine Gel

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our body, one of the elements of the intercellular matrix, e.g. of skin or cartilage. Its content in the skin can be as high as 50%.

It is responsible for retaining water in the skin and tissues, and thus for their resilience and vitality. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases, the skin becomes less elastic and less smooth, wrinkles appear. The same thing happens with articular cartilage.

Reduction of its smoothness results in loss of elasticity, cracking joints and mobility reduction. There is a felling of increased friction, stiffness and pain in the joint. This situation can be avoided by injecting the joint with hyaluronic acid, which is then absorbed into the cartilage. Together with absorbed water it restores its smoothness and elasticity. This treatment is very effective if used early, when the signs of cartilage wear called Chondromalacia appear.



Hyaluronic acid joint injection is a procedure performed in our clinic. It takes only a few minutes and does not require special preparation of the patient. After the injection all daily activities can be performed as usual, however it is recommended to avoid excessive activities for about 24 hours. There may be a slight discomfort after the injection, which should not last longer than 24 hours. The injections should work within 5-7 days if they’re effective and they’ll probably last for 8-10 months. The length of the noticeable improvement depends on the damage to the joint. The less destroyed the joint, the better and longer lasting result. Often patients report improvement even for a few years.

Hyaluronic acid is most often injected to the knee and hip joints. During one visit multiple injections can be administered at the same time (e.g. into both knees). From 1 to 5 injections per one joint have to be used in a treatment cycle depending on the patient’s choice of hyaluronic acid formula type.

Crespin gel used in our clinic is one of the most modern formulas of hyaluronic acid currently available on the market. Its main advantages are: a single administration in the therapeutic cycle, no side effects (except for a small, short-term local discomfort), long-lasting therapeutic effect and hence, the possibility to postpone the need for surgery.


 Dr. Grzegorz Suchy, Orthopaedic surgeon


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