Medical examination report for a lorry or bus driving licence (D4)

If you are applying for a lorry or bus driving licence a doctor will need to complete this form.

Doctors in our practice will be able to fill in both the vision and medical assessment sections of the report. 

When do you need a D4 medical examination report?

• If this is your first application for a Group 2 bus or lorry licence.

• If you are applying to renew your Group 2 entitlement at 45.

• From 45 on, a D4 will be needed every 5 years until you are 65 when you will need one annually.

• If you are under 70, hold a medically restricted car licence and held this licence before 1 January 1997 and wish to apply for C1 or C1/D1 entitlement (vehicles between 3500kg and 7500kg and/or a maximum of 16 passenger seats).

• If you are applying for a new Group 2 provisional licence and a D4 has not been submitted in the last 12 months.

• If you are an EU/EEA driving licence holder whose authority to drive Group 2 in Great Britain has run out.

• If you are 70 and still need C1 and D1 entitlement, you will need to have a D4 every 3 years.

You should take the following to your appointment:

• Identification documents. A combination of the following can be accepted as identification: birth certificate, marriage certificate, medical card, driving licence, passport, local authority rent card, paid utility 4 bills, bank or building society cards or statements, National Insurance number card, payslip, letter from Benefits Agency.

• Your driving glasses and your glasses prescription if you wear glasses (not contact lenses) to meet the eyesight standard needed for driving.

• A copy of your prescription.

• Your GP details (registration in a GP practice is required).