Key words: SONOACE R7


SonoAce R7 is an innovative, ergonomically designed ultrasound scanner providing the highest quality 2D image. It features very sensitive Doppler modes as well as many technologically advanced 3D / 4D functions.

ultrasonographyVersatility is the most important feature of the SonoAce R7. It comes from using a new, technologically advanced beam forming system and a unique Samsung software.

It guarantees high image quality and sensitivity of Doppler modes and, combined with huge possibilities of extension, makes R7 a great solution for medium-sized medical facilities looking for a good ultrasound scanner for a wide range of research.

3D/4D functions:

  • Live 3D
  • 3D XI™
  • 3D DMR™
  • Volume Cine

Quick and easy diagnostics:

  • Quick Scan™
  • Doppler Quick Scan™
  • AutoIMT™
  • Friendly user interfacesonoace r7
  • Expanded post processing and post measurement
  • Configurable camera menu

High image quality:

  • FSI™
  • SRF™
  • THI™
  • Dynamic MR™
  • SCI™




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